Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Today we put up Byron's paintings for his and Genevieve's show. Putting up a show can be a challenge, arranging and rearranging the pictures to best show them off - not to mention getting the images to sit straight in the frames! As we worked we talked about the illustrations. Putting into words what interests me about Byron's paintings gave me an even greater appreciation for his work.

I realized that for me the paintings are like puzzles with secret pieces hidden in plain sight. The easy ones I notice on the first viewing, but others reveal themselves later. As these clues are revealed, my interpretation of the image changes and I am rewarded with surprising new or different ideas of what it all means. It's a pretty satisfying experience - of course the images are super well painted too!

Adjectives that come to mind are vivid colours, quirky characters, lush washes, rich patterns, and subtle details. However you would be just as correct to say lush colours, rich washes, vivid patterns, subtle characters, and quirky details.

Check them out yourself tomorrow from 5-8 pm at our studio in the lower level of Art Central.