Monday, March 18, 2013

Bad Sugar

This was a fun job from a few month's ago. The article was about the threats of sugar in processed foods. I love projects like this, where I can do a character design solution. Despite, or perhaps because of that, I had some difficulty coming up with character design even though the concept was pretty simple.

The flat monster sketches came out super easy but how to visualize them dimensionally was a challenge.The solution was to draw through the problem, or rather, paint through it. After a bunch of paintings I was able to figure out how I could make them as sculptures. I haven't included any sculpting process, but I also went through quite a few iterations.

Sometime after I had completed the project, I added bodies with weapons to some of the sketches. It's funny that this solution never
occurred to me at the time, but I can save that sort of thing for a future job.

The illustration was sculpted in Zbrush and colored in photoshop.