Friday, January 4, 2013

Riley Rossmo

Congratulations to Riley Rossmo, ACAD grad and instructor for being named in a USA Today article
as the top comic book artist in a review of 2012 comic book scene. In addition ACAD grad Fiona
Staples was given a nod for her series SAGA which was named best series. Also mentioned in the
article is Peter Panzerfaust illustrated by another ACAD grad Tyler Jenkins.

Here is the quote from the USA Today article

Best artist: Riley Rossmo. The one thing you can say is his illustrations look like nothing else in comics 
— in a most excellent way — whether it's depicting the hostage-taking teens of Ales Kot's Wild 
Children, the mad world of Madder Red in Nick Spencer'sBedlam, or his own zombie book Rebel 
Blood that will haunt your nightmares. (Those bad dreams will look really fantastic, though.)