Friday, January 11, 2013

Pattern Exercise

Over the last few years a fun assignment in my class at ACAD has been the pattern project.
Pattern is a handy tool and an excellent way to illustrate. Last summer Renata and I attended an
illustration conference ICON 7 in Providence, Rhode Island and participated in THIS pattern workshop
with designer & illustrator Julia Rothman. Making a pattern tile seems simple, but it is a bit tricky.
I had the students do it as a warm up exercise for our pattern project, the theme was Flora & Fauna.

The pattern project is such a good one that I thought it would be a great to show it outside the
classroom. So it will be our first show of the new year at RandM Collective! Illustrative Patterns will
open February 7 and feature the students finished pattern illustrations and some of their process.

Check back before then and I am sure I will post more process as the project progresses.