Saturday, May 30, 2015

Craft Fair photos from Market Collective

About a month ago we participated in our first craft fair, Market Collective's May Spring Show. We were not sure what we were getting into so we kept it simple and used it as a learning experience – which it was! We jumped into the craft world as a research project for an upcoming book I have written and Renata will be illustrating called Crafty Llama.

Experiencing the craft world first hand has inspired characters and ideas that we might not have thought of in the same way.

Market Collective was also an opportunity to
meet new people, and introduce them to some
of the great illustrators working in Alberta.
This time around Byron Eggenschwiler and
Kyle Metcalf were our featured artists.

Below are a few photo highlights, including a
print of 15 apples that Kyle traded for a bag of
real apples and veggies!

Thanks to our artists and Market Collective.