Thursday, November 6, 2014

It's A Jungle Out There ?!

It’s A Jungle Out There ?!
A Collaborative Picture Book Project
November 3-28 at The Ledge Gallery in the Epcor Centre for the Performing Arts
Opening reception Thursday November 13, from 5-9pm

Every single day, in countless homes throughout the world, children’s books are being read to educate and to inspire our children. These books are being read often over and over usually by request- and this is no small thing! Children’s books can easily be overlooked as an art form and rarely examined within a gallery context. As artists, we can sometimes underestimate what a wonderful medium and potential illustrating for children might be. It is among the most “unadulterated” art forms that an artist can express themselves through.

It’s A Jungle Out There?! is a collaborative Picture Book Project featuring award winning and internationally recognized illustrators from Alberta including Lincoln Agnew, Joy Ang, Byron Eggenschwiler, Maya Gohill, Josh Holinaty, Jacqui Lee, Aaron Leighton, Renata Liwska, Mike Kerr, Karen Klassen, Michael Mateyko, Kyle Metcalf, Sandy Nichols, Kim Smith, Lauren Tamaki, and Jacqueline Hudon-Verrelli.

It is a well-kept secret that in Alberta we have some of the finest illustration talent in North America. It’s A Jungle Out There?! is an effort to bring together a selected group of these talented individuals. The concept is a collaborative children’s book project on the theme of Urban Jungle with each artist illustrating their favorite part of the story. The purpose of It’s A Jungle Out There?! is to showcase our amazing local illustrators - and have fun! The general public will also have an opportunity to draw their own interpretations of the story. The project includes an exhibition of the work, a sketching party, and a roundtable discussion with the artists.

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