Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I'm Stuck On You, This Friday 8pm

For well over a year Kipling has been creating witty and whimsical artwork on the humble Post-It note. We are pleased to showcase a selection from the more than 356 original repositional note artworks that she has created. Often drawn with the most routine of office supplies such highlighters, felt pens, and of course sticky notes, Kipling commemorates each day with her own unique interpretations. You can see them on her flickr stream here:

Also on opening night drawing materials will be available so you can join in the fun by creating your own Post-it Note art alongside other artists and doodlers - and swap-a-doodle if you like! We've already received some super drawings from artists such as the ones below starting from the top left: Wade Mickley, Carolyn Fisher, Emily Chu, and our own Renata Liwska.

Below illustrator Carolyn Fisher is working on her own sticky note artwork during a Sketch Night at RandM. Notice how she draws the ideas first in her sketchbook and the places the sticky notes on top to use as a guide to paint them - brilliant!

I'M STUCK ON YOU: A Post-it Note a Day by Kipling West RandM Collective / June 13 / doors open at 7pm / things get rolling at 8pm / 343 - 11 Ave SW / above UAS Satellite Gallery