Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Next week at our new studio space on Wed Dec 11th starting at 6 pm. For members and invited guests. Email me for more info.

 STEP 1: If you don’t have a sketchbook, please proceed to STEP 5.

 STEP 2: Bring two sketchbooks, one that has been completed and another that you are currently drawing in.

 STEP 3: Display the completed sketchbook for others to admire and be secretly jealous of.

 STEP 4: Draw in your current sketchbook with other illustrators, students, and such.

 STEP 5: Check out everyones cool sketchbooks!

 STEP 6: Draw in the group sketchbooks provided. (optional/drawing materials provided)

 STEP 7: Have fun! (not optional)

Our new location is at:
2nd floor, 343 11 Ave SW
Calgary AB T2R 0C7
(above UAS Satellite Gallery)