Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Alberta Illustration Alumni Profile #2

Jenn Kitagawa

Jenn's work shows the thinning of the line that has separated illustration and design by paring it down to basics such as pattern, shape, and colour. After graduating from the design program at ACAD Jenn moved to New York where she interned for her long time creative hero Mike Perry and Nylon Magazine.

 Currently she lives and works in Toronto, Ontario where she is a graphic designer for the record label Arts & Crafts. During Jenn’s spare time she is also pursuing painting, freelance design and illustration. She also occasionally curates independent art shows and collaborates on projects with other local artists.


Julie Morstad

I was first introduced to Julie's work at Purr, a local fashion boutique. They had her prints on the wall and a little book she had illustrated by the register. Her work has since been introduced to a whole lot of people through her many children's books and other award winning illustration work she has created.

Her books include How To, The Swing, The Wayside, When you were small, When I was small, Where you came from, Singing away the dark, and Think again


Brian Ford

Brian Ford exemplifies how artists can embrace change and growth. As a student back in the mid-2000s his drawings were some of the wildest you were likely to come across, then and now.

 Since then he has corralled and focused those creative energies to great success as a UX designer for Electronic Arts in San Francisco. Where he designs interfaces and experiences for video games and all things digital. But in his spare time he still draws the most ridiculous characters and letters he can think of.


Sam Weber

There's probably no need to introduce Sam to folks around here (at least the creative/illustration types) as his exploits have been rightfully celebrated in Alberta. But it certainly can't hurt to celebrate it a bit more!

Sam's intense and immaculate imagery are created in his studio in Brooklyn, NY - arguably the current creative hub of America. His work blends classical foundations with the fantastical which can be seen on book covers, theatre posters, and the like. This image was the gold medal winner at the recent Society of Illustrators NY awards.

He also has a sweet podcast: