Friday, May 3, 2013

Dreams of Youth are the Regrets of Maturity

This is a line from a classic movie from my youth. A big regret from that time was not keeping a sketchbook in art school. My wayward ways were corrected when I met Renata and I've tried to pass that wisdom on to my students.

Each morning I assigned a theme that I've found can motivate you to sketch. One example was to give sketching a direct application by assigning a faux-illustration project, in this case a series of icons. Another was to collaborate, the students sketched together on a theme (the theme was the future). And yet another was to try experimenting with a medium -

you're not familiar with, I had them try mono print stencils. I am always amazed by the breadth of ideas that come from a single theme. The work from top to bottom is (1)Owls by Alyssa Schollardt (2)Snowboarding icons by Matt Sliwon (3)Fruit icons by Dylan Mason (4)Animal icons by Graham Power (6)My Sweet Future Life by Joanne Leung (7)The future by Dylan Mason. 

I've posted more here -
The quote is from Ridley Scott's Legend. OK, it's not exactly a classic!